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Kaunas School
Of sacred music
Cantores David
Dovydo giesmininkai – Cantors of David
International Children’s Music Festival “Laudate Pueri”
March 10, 2018
10:00 am

Music school pupils – choristers and instrumentalists learning to play music in Suzuki method from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will share their experience and participate in a joint performance in Kaunas.

General provisions of the International Children’s Music Festival “Laudate Pueri”




1.      To bring together choristers of Lithuanian music schools and children from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia learning to play music in Suzuki method.

2.      To organize master classes of violin and cello ensemble with expert teacher from Belgium Koen Rens.

3.      To organize master classes for choirs with the artistic director of the Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis” Remigijus Adomaitis.

4.      To enhance teachers’ competencies by organizing the following seminars:

·         “Emotional intelligence and the importance of playing music in the development of personality“ with Koen Rens (Belgium);            

·         “The importance of motivation in choir classes” with Remigijus Adomaitis (Lithuania).

5.      To perform and have new experience by conducting a joint performance of children’s choirs and children’s orchestra: concerts of soloists and music ensembles in Kaunas State Philharmonic, the final concert of the orchestra and choirs.  




6.      10th of March, 2018 at Kaunas State Philharmonic (violinists and cellists), E. Ožeškienės St 12, Kaunas); and in the Aula Magna of Vytautas Magnus University (choirs), Gimnazijos St 7, Kaunas).



7.      The festival organizers invite to participate:

7.1.  choristers of music schools;

7.2.  children learning to play the violin or the cello in Suzuki method;

7.3. choir leaders, choirmasters, voice and Suzuki teachers (the event is registered at Kaunas in-service Teachers Training Centre).




8.      The participants of the soloists’ concert must choose the repertoire from Suzuki violin and cello books.

9.      Every teacher must prepare a brief presentation of his class (studio, school) in English (this information will be read to the audience during the concerts);

10.  Each teacher’s class will be given up to 10 minutes to perform on stage during the concert. The students of Suzuki Book 1 can perform only in groups, of other books – in groups or solo.

11.  Violin and cello students, who will participate in the final concert, must attend group master classes for the rehearsal of pieces that will be performed during the final concert.

12.  Program of the final concert:

J. S Bach. Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor (violins and cellos)

A. Vivaldi. Concerto in A Minor, 1 st, Op.3, Nr. 6 (violins and cellos)

J. S. Bach. Gavotte in G Minor (violins and cellos, book III)

J. S. Bach. Minuet (violins and cellos, book III)

J. B. Lully. Gavotte (violins)

Sh. Suzuki. Andantino (violins and cellos, in G Major)

T. H. Bayly. Long, long Ago (violins, in A Major)

French folk song (violins and cellos, in D Major)

G. F. Handel. Chorus from „Judas Maccabaeus“ (the orchestra and choirs, in G Major)

F. Mendelson. Laudate pueri (choirs)




13.  Participant application forms have to be sent by email to musicasacra@cantoresdavid.lt until the 15th of January 2018. 

14.  Festival participant fee – 15 €.

15.  Following organizers confirmation of participation, participant fee must be paid until the 1st of February 2018.

16.  Participation fee after the 1st of February 2018 – 20 €.  

17.  Participation fees are not reimbursed.

18.  Payment information:

Name of the institution: Kauno sakralines muzikos mokykla

Code: 190144834

Bank: AB DNB Bankas,

Bank code: 40100

Account. No: LT53 4010 0425 0214 7020





19.  The festival is organized by Kaunas School of Sacred Music.

20.  Festival curator: Vilius Sikorskas, headmaster.

21.  Festival coordinators:

For the choristers – Vita Liaudanskaitė (+370 654 55855, vitavai@gmail.com)

For Suzuki teachers – Elvyra Krikščiūnienė (+370 656 33599, elvyrakrik@gmail.com)




22.  With the permission of organizers, the festival may be filmed, photographed and broadcast on radio and television.

23.  Organizers reserve the right to publish the information concerning the festival and post the photos on the website of Kaunas School of Sacred Music.


Festival partners and sponsors:

Suzuki Music Studio

Lithuanian Suzuki Association

Kaunas State Philharmonic

Other Events
Beatification Mass of Lithuanian Archbishop Teofilius Matulionis
June 25, 2017
5:00 pm

The School choir "Cantors of David" will sing in the Beatification Mass of Archbishop and martyr Teofilius Matulionis.

Songs for Mary: Children and Youth Choir Festival
May 7, 2017
1:00 pm

The annual festival is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and takes place in Pažaislis – a baroque Camaldolese monastery located in the picturesque outskirts of Kaunas.

Easter Concert at the Kaunas State Philharmonic
April 23, 2017
5:00 pm

Come to experience the Easter joy with our school's choir and selected guest musicians.

Academic life

The main focus of our school's curriculum is the choral singing. As a secondary subject each pupils is required to study one of the following instruments: piano, violin, accordion, organ, harp, kanklės (traditional Lithuanian instrument) or flute. Gregorian chant is also an important part in the curriculum. For those who choose to study violin, there are two paths available – classical or an innovative Suzuki method, developed by the acclaimed Japanese music teacher Sinichi Suzuki.

„Cantores David” is a name for our school's joint choir, which is made of six different choir groups:

• Puerili (early education group) • Pueri I – children age 7-10 years • Pueri II – children age 7-10 years • Juniores (Pastoralė) – girls choir • Seniores (Giesmė) – young adults • Improvises – free improvisation group

School life

A typical day in our school starts at 13.20 pm when the first music lesson of the day begins. Children arrive one by one (or sometimes in small groups) mostly from the local schools. Till the last session of the day at 20.00 pm, there will be sounds heard in the classrooms and corridors, sounds of various instruments (piano, harp, violin etc.), as well as singing, chanting and bursts of laughter...

There is a chapel in the attic, where the Holy Mass is celebrated on special occasions and daily prayer group gathers for moments of quiet recollection.

On Sundays you can hear us singing at the Mass (10.30am) in the Cathedral Basilica of Kaunas, which is also located in the heart of Kaunas Old Town.